Fewer things make a cinephile happier than a home cinema installation that goes right. For cult movie lovers, a home cinema installation has to include a number of different elements to be perfect, and with all of the fixings one would expect to see and then some. There are a number of elements that need to be combined for the perfect home theatre, and that requires finding all of the right elements. Fortunately the fan is likely to already have some of the elements on hand it is just a matter of modifying them for the theatre. This can actually be a good thing and something that can be fun. 

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The first step is to install the home cinema itself. This is pretty the same as for any other cinephile, but there are some other considerations. The installation must allow for other modifications to the system later on. While normally there is an effort to hide some of the cinema, most notably the speakers, they are usually disguised as part of the wall itself or behind some sort of screen. In this case, however, they will become part of the decorations themselves, making for some interesting logistical problems as the wires now became an issue the wires must be hidden from sight and done so safely. Once that is taken care of then real fun begins.

It bears noting that a cult film fan's home cinema is likely to be somewhat unique. A regular home cinema is stylish and usually represents a classy example of how to enjoy a film. That is somewhat thrown out the window as the fan seeks to create an experience rather than merely a place to watch movies. This can involve not just posters but also memorabilia and other effects. The specifics depend on the favorite genre of the person creating the theatre, making each one unique.

For example, a western fan may place the speakers in old wooden crates, while a horror fan may place them in miniature coffins. The idea is to place the speakers in such a way as to provide the best sound, as usual, but to do in such a way as to hide them in plain sight as part of the decorations. This can make for some interesting design considerations. When other items are placed in the theatre that add to the theme, such as full-size coffins or cacti, along with framed movie posters as well as showcase items and other memorabilia, the theatre becomes more of a fun place to be rather than just another home cinema installation.

Obviously this requires a bit more planning than a regular home theatre as all of the various elements need to work together. Those other elements also need to tracked down and brought in. This makes a home cinema installation for a cult film fan a little more difficult than for a regular person. However, that additional time and effort can be worth it, especially if the person's friends enjoy it as well and it adds to the enjoyment of the movies.